Paul Wright

Having discovered the life changing effects of NLP and hypnosis from his own experiences of personal change led to Paul training with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler (Co-creator of NLP). He then begun learning more and more about how to help other people achieve personal change enabling them to also overcome their fears and turn their lives around.

Paul started working with clients in 1998 and over the last 14 years he has helped many people to eradicate their fears and phobias, stop panic attacks, achieve significant personal change and more. Paul is also part of the highly skilled team that regularly assists Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler on their training courses as well as receiving client referrals from Paul McKenna.

Paul is known for his success in enabling people to achieve the best results possible as well as for his work as a higher performance coach. Having spent 16 years working with many famous names from the world of music, TV and film as well as sports and business people.

Paul has a reputation for enabling people achieve personal change, producing better results and perform at higher levels. Paul's success has seen him working with clients in locations that range from London to New York, Los Angeles and Monaco.

Paul has also trained with John LaValle (President of the Society of NLP), Eric Robbie, Michael Breen, Joseph Riggio, Frank Farrelly and even though he already has well over 10 years experience he still continues training as part of his own continuous professional development and commitment to provide you with the best results possible.

Paul has appeared on BBC radio a number of times as an expert on phobias and personal change and was also part of the team at Cardiff that worked with Paul McKenna removing spider phobias live on GMTV in October 2006.

Paul's qualifications and professional training include :

1. Licensed Practitioner of NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming
2. Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming
3. Licensed Meta Master of NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming
4. Licensed Business Practitioner of NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming
5. Licensed Business Master Practitioner of NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming
6. Licensed Practitioner of DHE - Design Human Engineering
7. Licensed in Hypnosis as an Application of NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming
8. Licensed trainer of NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming
9. High Performance Coaching
10. Member of The General Hypnotherapy Register
11. Member of The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council


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We have already helped many people over come their fears and phobias and are committed to providing you with the best quality help available.

We are here to help and are dedicated to helping you overcome your fear as quickly as possible. The therapists at PhobiaGone have undergone very extensive training in NLP, Hypnotherapy as well as a number of other forms of Cognitive Therapies and treatments.

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  • Fear, phobia & anxiety specialists
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Patient stories



  • My freedom from claustrophobia has finally given me the prospect of being able to travel & to explore new places, I am finally free of the stress, fear & anxiety which had accompanied me for so many years. - Rowena

  • Hi Paul,

    WOW, what can I say! You have truly helped Cara conquer her Needle phobia, which would of effected her for the rest of her life. Many thanks. - Seamus

  • Dear Paul,

    Thank you a thousand times for giving me my life back. The best thing I ever did was pick up that phone & dial your number. Thank you so much. - Jenny

  • Hello Paul,

    Previously it was just an impossible dream due to the fear & panic of what may happen. I lost the fear & now feel total elation. Thank you so much for giving me a new life. - Kim

  • Dear Paul,

    Words can't express how much your help has changed my life. I feel so happy, confident and free now. I look forward to my future. - Bronwyn

  • Hi Paul,

    My friends could not believe how well I coped and I was so thrilled with myself. Thank you so much!!! - Pauline x

  • Hi Paul,

    I came to you on Friday. And I'm sorry I haven't been in contact sooner, I have just been thinking of the right words. I guess what I want to say is Thank You! - Rose

  • Hi Paul,

    I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you. I feel so comfortable in my own skin and I'm excited about the future. Thank you for giving me my life back. - M.L.

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