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Read what our clients say about us in their own words. This is just a small selection of some of the many testimonials we receive each year. All the testimonials are genuine and used with the clients full knowledge and permission.

Needle phobia & Fear of needles

An email we received following Cara's initial appointment

"Hi Paul,

Wow what can I say! We have just got back from the dentist with Cara minus 2 Teeth! She was a little nervous which you said she would be, but there were no tears, she coped and worked through it fantastically.

I know that this would not of been possible without your help for which we are very grateful. Thank you for fitting Cara in at such short notice and the kind and thoughtful care taken. You have truly helped her conquer her Needle phobia fear, which would of effected her for the rest of her life.

The dentist in Beaconsfield would like to keep your details on record for any patients they have with a phobia. Please let me know some dates for Cara's follow up appointment and once again thank you so much for all your help.

Many thanks. *

Seamus - Cara's father

* results may vary from person to person

Fear of public speaking & blushing

"Hi Paul,

Hope all is ok...

It's been around 4 months since I visited, and at that point I was willing to walk out of my job because I was too scared to speak in public. Speaking in public is something that’s haunted me for as long as I can remember, and the prospect of turning into a tomato in front of dozens of work colleagues was something that was killing me inside.

The 1st team brief I had to conduct came around about a month after our consultation & I was a quivering wreck, anxious as always. But, I stayed strong and tried facing my fears with the new techniques you had taught me.

Even though I was nowhere near ‘comfortable’ conducting the team brief, subconsciously I felt like I had something apart of me to counteract things getting out of control. I ended the brief curious about my performance, feeling slightly confident I could make the next one a little bit better...

4 months later I have come to the point where I am completely at ease during team briefs and have no fear what so ever about speaking in public. I didn't think at the time the things you were teaching me would ever work but, they couldn't of more brilliantly.

I would ramble for longer but my training partner is waiting outside.

Thank you Paul for everything. Your help has simply been life changing.

All the best." *


* results may vary from person to person

Social Anxiety & Hyperhydrosis

"Hi Paul,

Many thanks for this. I just wanted to thank you as I have really noticed a difference in the way I am approaching things. I used to get nervous and sweat quite heavily before big work events, but this has definitely improved since our sessions.

I have been able to see things more positively, in all areas, and I now realise that these things are not as big as I made them out to be in my own head, and I therefore deal with them a lot better.

Thanks again" *


* results may vary from person to person

Fear of Flying

"No words can describe it. Previously flying was just an impossible dream due to the fear and panic of what may happen. I lost the fear and now feel total elation. If only I had found you ten years ago. Thank you so much for giving me a new life." *


* results may vary from person to person

Fear of Spiders testimonial

"Hi Paul,

I was going to email you. Had a great time in Oz and....... three days into the holiday we had a visitor!! He was definitely a 'George Clooney' and about 6" in diameter but he stayed up high on the ceiling (about 15ft) for three days and then disappeared. I was fine - absolutely fine!I did keep checking to see where he was but happily sat in the same room. In fact I was more bothered when he left - wondered where he was!!

My friends could not believe how well I coped and I was so thrilled with myself. I could certainly not have stayed in the house previously, never mind the same room. Also, I used the NLP technique to conquer another fear - travelled up a mountain side in a cable car - also a no-no before this.

I am very happy for you to use this on your website to endorse the help you gave me. Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much." *

Pauline x

* results may vary from person to person

Claustrophobia & Fear of Flying

"I used to fly everywhere, to see my parents in Hong Kong, to where I lived in Turkey and then one day in 1997 I couldn't. I don't know what happened but I just knew I couldn't get on a plane.

The thought terrified me but I couldn't really put my finger on it. I wasn't scared of crashing, I just didn't want to be trapped inside with a load of strangers, not in control and not able to get out.

So I managed my life around it, quite successfully actually. Well if you count never going on holiday, avoiding tubes and having to walk up countless stairs to avoid going in a lift successful.

My job as a freelance production manager often meant turning jobs down that would film abroad, there was no way I could get on the plane with clients incase I freaked out. On the very rare occasion that I had to go on holiday I did myself proud by winding myself up preflight into a stupor.

I remember having to fly to Edinburgh (a 55 minute flight) about 4 years ago and I cried every night for 2 weeks beforehand, I had got myself into a right mess. I even tried a fear of flying course but nothing worked.

Then a couple of years ago I turned my hand to travel photography, interesting hobby when you can't actually fly anywhere. I drove to Italy, took a 3 day train journey to Turkey and a 55 hour / 7 train journey up into the Arctic, all because I just couldn't bring myself to get on a plane. Then in January, a job I was working on in London suddenly had to be switched to Cape Town because of our terrible weather.

I decided now was the time to attempt to conquer my problem but not knowing whether I actually would. I did some research on the internet and Paul's name kept coming up with good testimonials so I made an appointment to see him a week before I had to fly.

The first session was funny, I remember feeling relaxed a lot, laughing a lot and feeling extremely exhausted afterwards, but something had shifted, even the receptionist at work the next day said I 'seemed' a lot lighter. I booked my flight there and then. I had one more session before I flew which kind of 'sealed the deal' as it were, and two days later I was on my first long distance flight in 19 years!

I did it, even the air hostesses could not believe the problems I had beforehand, they said I seemed so relaxed.

I absolutely used to love flying and I am not saying that I have that feeling again, yet. But the most important thing for me is I did it and I could only have done it with Paul's help.

I have no idea exactly what you did Paul but I am writing this testimonial from Austria and yes I flew here and next month I am off on a job to Barcelona! So something worked!!! Thank you for helping me 'see' in a different way, of course now I have to work a lot more so I can afford all the holidays I have planned!!

Oh and by the way I get in the work lift at least 4 times a day without a care in the world." *


* results may vary from person to person

Social Phobia - After just 1 appointment

"Hi Paul,

I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you. I know you said that there is no magic pill that was going to solve my problems, but I feel as though you have given me something so much better.

When I went to the session you asked me what I wanted to get out of it and at the time all I wanted was to make it through Christmas in one piece, I couldn't even see anything beyond that. Well Christmas was awesome. I absolutely stuffed myself. What's more, I went back to my Aunty's again on Boxing Day and stuffed my face even more. I haven't enjoyed food and people's company this much in years.

I am much calmer around people. Dare I say even 'charismatic'. I've been out a few times since our session, to bars and clubs and I can see people's attitudes towards me changing right before my eyes. Some of my friends have actually commented. IT'S AMAZING!

I have no hang ups, no insecurities, no grudges, not even towards the hypnotherapist who made me dredge up the past (lol), as I used the tools you gave me to put those memories behind me, WHERE THEY BELONG.

I thought I was a victim of the world. Now I know I was a victim of my own self delusion. I used self pity and depression as a comfort mechanism and failed to see that all that did was drag me into more anal crap, to coin your phrase. When I think back to how I used to be I find myself laughing hysterically at how ridiculous I was being.

Everyday since our session has been a good day. I feel so comfortable in my own skin and I'm excited about the future. Thank you for giving me my life back." *

M.L. Southampton

* results may vary from person to person

Getting over the past and confidence issues

Hi Paul,

I just thought I would drop you a line to say hello! I hope everything is going well for you, and that you are still helping people like you did with me.

Things are great here. Since those heady days of when i last saw you, i now manage & play in my own 70s tribute band (it is amazing, and going extremely well) called ‘The Jackie Generation’. We have an incredible line-up and have just started playing theatres.

I gave up the road for a few years to concentrate on my gallery, but i am glad to be back and in charge! As a fan of all things 70s, it really is a dream band..and our two lead singers are sensational (the girl, Janey is also my girlfriend).

I also have my original 80s band ‘Moritz’ back together (due to some phenomenal demand on the internet) and we released a ‘comeback’ album last year.

The reviews are ..well ..astounding! We have had national magazine coverage, won ‘album of the year’ & three other awards, in one magazine, hundreds of overseas reviews, WORDLWIDE distribution for the album, and we are set to start recording the second album early next year. Back with the original line-up from 1987, it really is the best time! The album is called ‘Undivided’..mostly my own songs, and we are held in such high regard in the ‘AOR rock field’. All thanks to a chance meeting on ‘myspace’ in 2007.

I still do all my artworks and my prices and sales have soared since i started. Alas i let my gallery go due to ‘high street recession’ but that was a blessing as i just couldn’t juggle everything. I work from home again, and i have now sold paintings for £2000..which is a major feat i think!

So everything is great right now...And the path started when i came to see you. So again, thanks for everything - i still remember the meetings we had like they were yesterday. I remember how to let ‘bad things’ in for a minute or so, and how to push them back out again. How to picture stuff so i get it right, and not to let things confuse my decisions. I guess i have my own little procedures that i swear by. Bad days? Not often at all..good days? Tons!!!

Please feel free to use anything here as a testament to the fact that you’re work and help really does put people on the right path.

All the best Paul - you legend!! *

Greg Hart

* results may vary from person to person

Dental Phobia - After just one appointment

Hello Paul,

I had 6 teeth prepared for crowns!! Went back on Friday for check thankfully all ok and I go back on the 18th to have Crowns fitted. I practiced everything you taught me. Thank you very, very much I couldn't have done it without you! And the dentist said he was impressed. *

Thank you.


* results may vary from person to person

Claustrophobia & Fear of Flying

I had been claustrophobic for a very long time, unable to board an aircraft or enter a lift for nearly 25 years, or travel by train for 15 years, and I was desperate to find a cure. Even trips to somewhere unfamiliar such as hotels, shopping centers, museums etc would be filled with anxiety, and this led to me declining any requests from friends or family to go somewhere I hadn't been to before.

My husband had been asked to work over in the USA for three years, and I wanted to join him out there, so I needed to find something which was quick, highly effective and permanent in order to overcome my fears.

I contacted Paul in September 2011, and after just one session I felt as though the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. I was suddenly calm, relaxed, and easy-going, no longer the constantly stressed, anxious, and worried wife and mother I was before.

My husband and family cannot believe that someone can change so radically after such a short treatment time, and I wish that I had undergone the NLP treatment years ago. Most importantly, my claustrophobia has disappeared, and I now cannot even remember why I was frightened in the first place.

I decided to test myself by booking a flight with a fear of flying course, where I knew there would be ample support should I encounter any problems, and in addition I could overcome my general concerns with aircraft safety which had accumulated over time.

I am delighted to say that I absolutely loved the flight, and the other attendees on the course joked that I was a fraud for being there as I was one of the most relaxed during the trip. I experienced none of the terrors on seeing the aircraft doors closing that I would have experienced before visiting Paul, and instead was disappointed when we had to land and return to the terminal.

I am so grateful to Paul for the enormity of the changes he has made in my life which I now benefit from every day.

I am still pleasantly surprised by my feelings of calm and serenity when confronted by a stressful situation, where previously I would have been convinced something awful was about to occur which I would need to react to. I no longer feel the familiar adrenaline-fueled panic comprising the all too familiar tightness in my chest, the hot flush through my face, and shaking legs.

My freedom from claustrophobia has finally given me the prospect of being able to travel & to explore new places, & in addition, I am finally free of the stress, fear & anxiety which had accompanied me for so many years. *

Rowena Chidwick

* results may vary from person to person

Here's another email we received from Rowena about 18 months after her treatment

Good afternoon Paul,

I wanted to say how much I am appreciating my new travel and exploration freedom. I cannot believe that my life could have become so exciting, eventually making a total of 15 flights both here in the US and Europe.

You have worked miracles, and I cannot thank you enough. With your help you have enriched the lives of every member of my family, especially the visit to Disney which has become the highlight of my daughter's life so far!!

I very much hope that life is good for you and your family, and maybe our paths will cross again some time.

Very best wishes *

Rowena Chidwick x

* results may vary from person to person

Fear of public speaking

"Dear Paul,

Words can’t express how much your help has changed my life. I feel so happy, confident and free now. I look forward to my future. Situations when I’m the centre of attention and public speaking are things I now enjoy doing! In the past this would of filled me with anxiety and panic.

Recently I gave a speech to a large audience and loved every minute of it. I didn’t know what to expect of NLP, however your friendly approach made me feel at ease immediately and your explanations made things easy to understand. I know something has changed within, I no longer feel limited in my life but have the self-belief to ‘just go for it’ and this all happened so quickly.

Anyone thinking of seeing Paul, please DO IT. Don’t think you have to live with things the way they are for the rest of your life, you CAN change it, I DID!!" *


* results may vary from person to person


"Dear Paul,

Hope you are well! Just a quick email to say that I am doing well and have been on the underground on quite a few occasions and have coped really well. I have also been driving and did my first 40 mile trip last week which I have not done in about 7 years!

I coped better than I thought with that (Matt was with me in the car) and I didn't feel like I wanted to freak out in situations where there was a bit of traffic, although I was still a little nervous which I put down to not driving for so many years and having to get back into the swing of things!

So I think for now that I don't need the follow up appointment we had set up for Friday 30th April - as I feel I am doing OK and plan on seeing how I get on over the next couple of months. If I feel I could still do with another session with you I will be in touch to arrange another time - I hope this is OK with you?

I would like to thank you once again for changing my life for the better and helping me cope with things that I thought were going to run my life forever!

I will keep you posted on progress! thank you again for changing my life Paul. Best wishes" *

Debbie Aylward

* results may vary from person to person

Emetophobia & Fear of vomiting testimonial

Hi Paul,

I don’t know if you remember me. I came to see you last year about my Emetophobia. I thought I would send you an email to let you know how I’m getting on.

Well there have definitely been improvements!! I went on holiday and you will be happy to know that I didn’t take an anti sickness pill to travel and nor did I take one for the entire holiday!!! A few days before I left I listened to the CD you gave me of our recording and that put things in to perspective and I actually enjoyed the traveling and was calm!!!

I have also started my driving lessons again (I started them in June) I was so worried about starting again due to the accident so I applied what you taught me and also overcame this fear too. You’ll be happy to know the lessons are going well and I have my confidence again.

When I went to do my theory I started getting that nauseous feeling-panic set in-there was no bin…thoughts crossed my head… what if I have to throw up…where's the loo…then I practiced what u taught me (thank god I was in a cubicle otherwise I would have gotten funny looks shutting my eyes and breathing) and slowly I started to distract myself with the actual test and was fine! I passed with high marks 1st time.

Also for the 1st time in about 12 years I went to McDonalds and ordered a McChicken sandwich!!! I normally just stick to a normal hamburger – easier to dissect!! Also I have on few occasions ordered chicken nuggets as well-I still cut them in half-I will always be wary but I no longer worry about eating them! I’m eating more meat when I’m out and no longer sticking to vegetarian options to be on “the safe side”.

I even enjoy the odd alcoholic drink now but not to the drunk stage though-I don’t think I’ll ever be at the stage where I want to be drunk or to feel ill after drinking.

I am also off my anti-depressants!

In January me and mum went to the 02 Arena to watch Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour with front row seats….the 02 Arena is somewhere I had always avoided going to but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and didn’t feel sick once!

Anyway, sorry to have rambled on. I just wanted to let you know how I have been doing and to say, a very big THANK YOU! *


* results may vary from person to person

Fear of eating testimonial

"Hi Paul,

I came to you on Friday. And I'm sorry I haven't been in contact sooner, I have just been thinking of the right words.

I guess what I want to say is Thank You! So much! Its been almost a week and its all still going well! I have no worries of what I eat. I've had pasta, toast, chocolate, haribo, spaghetti, falafel and of course PIZZA!! I've loved every bite just like you said I would.

I cant believe how that one session changed how I think about food completely. And I don't think other people understand it either. But i've just tried to tell them not to question it.

Already life for everyone at home is better. My little sister and I have our old relationship back (we used to be very close, but she's found the last year hard to understand), and I can see a weight has been lifted off mum's shoulders.

I have so much more energy and can finally look forward to having my horses closer to home, so I can visit and ride them whenever I like. For the first few days I had so much energy that I was up at 5am waiting to start the day! But it's settling now and its back to how it should be.

One last change... at the weekend I went to Camden, for a new tattoo. It's in italian script (I thought Italian would be most appropriate considering my favorite foods), when translated it means , " Only when you are no longer afraid, do you begin to live". Thank you." *


* results may vary from person to person

And an update from Rose received several months later ........

"Hi Paul,

Just thought I'd send you a little update on how everything's going.

Basically.... its fab!! Its all turned around completely! I don't know if you remember, but my target was to get to size 8..well I went shopping yesterday, and bought my first bunch of size 8s, and they fit! I'm riding one of my horses again, competing, and winning!!

I leave for Thailand tomorrow, and i'll be away sunning myself for 2 weeks. So I just thought I'd email you and say another huge Thank you for everything :D Forever grateful" *


* results may vary from person to person

Fear of flying testimonial

"Dear Paul,

Thank you a thousand times for giving me my life back, for most of the time I had felt as if I was in a prison cell, never to be be free.

The fear of flying just ruined my life where other people were excited about going on holiday I would just feel total misery about getting on that plane. This year my husband & I went to Canada for our 60th Birthdays, something I would never have contemplated in a million years as previously it was hard enough for me to go on a short haul let alone a long haul!

We had such a wonderful time & it was all down to you Paul, the best thing I ever did was pick up that phone & dial your number.

Thank you so much." *

Jenny x

* results may vary from person to person

Claustrophobia - A message I received after just one 2 hour initial appointment

Hello Paul,

Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how I have been getting on and the answer is really well! I can now go in the toilet at work and lock the door with no problem and the day after I visited you, I went into a toilet at a restaurant again with no problem at all. I have even been in a lift several times, although I'm not yet confident enough to go in one on my own (I went in one yesterday with my daughter and she said it was the first time I had ever been in a lift with her - and she is 29 years old). I wouldn't say I'm 100% cured yet, but I'm well on the way - as you said, each time I do it it gets easier.

So I just wanted to say thank you and you can count me in your 84% success rate! I have recommended you to a colleague at work who has a problem with flying so you may get a call from her at some point. *

Best regards


* results may vary from person to person

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