Needle Phobia? Stop Your Fear of Needles With Hypnotherapy

  • Fear of needles can be cured
  • Stop your fears & anxiety about injections
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Do you suffer with a needle phobia or fear? Every year we successfully help more people overcome Needle Phobias. Contact us for a FREE* consultation to find out more about how we can help you and the phobia treatments that are available to you.

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We can help stop your Needle Phobia

There are a number of reasons why people come to us for help with overcoming needle phobias. You might be afraid of needles but need to have medical of dental treatment. Maybe you want to start a family but are scared by the thought of injections or having blood tests. Perhaps you want to go on holiday to an exotic location but that would require you having travel vaccinations. Or your a parent that needs to be able to take your child for inoculations or medical treatment.

What ever your reason for your reading this the first important thing you need to know is that Needle Phobias are behavioral responses. We can help you overcome your fear of needles.

Needle phobia symptoms

Do you experience any of the following symptoms?

  • Do you feel anxious about the thought of having an injection?
  • Having to look away or leave the room if something on TV is related to injections?
  • Do you avoid medical or dental treatment due to your fear of needles?
  • Do you feel faint or anxious at the thought of having a blood tests?
  • Are you putting off starting a family because of your fear of needles?
  • Does your heart race or your stomach churn at the thought of an injection or needles?
  • Do you experience an overwhelming anxiety or panic along with a need to escape?
  • Does your anxiety about needles significantly interfere with your normal daily life?

If you experience one or more of the above symptoms you probably have either a fear of needles or a needle phobia. However you are not alone, fears and phobias of needles are very common.

Fortunately both can be successfully treated and in the majority of cases it only takes couple of appointments. Even better news is that we do NOT use exposure therapy.

What's the difference between a Needle Phobia and a fear of needles?

While it's normal to not like the idea of having an injection the main difference between a fear of needles and a phobia is the intensity and degree to which you experience a reaction to the stimulus.

Typically a phobic response is a much more intense or overwhelming reaction causing extreme distress, shaking, nausea and is some people even full blown panic. However both fears and phobias are behavioral responses and while an extreme phobic may require some additional appointments both fear of needles and needle phobia can be treated successfully.

What causes needle phobias and fears?

Needle phobias and fears are learnt behavioral responses that can derive from either having a scary experience yourself or observing someone else experiencing a frightening reaction to needles. The needle or thought of an injection is then perceived as either dangerous or a potential threat.

Your brain triggers an adrenaline fueled fight or flight response in order to protect you. You may have experienced this as feeling anxious, rapid heart rate, fast shallow breathing, feeling hot and sweaty or possibly cold and clammy.

Smiling woman after fear of needles treatment

As a child you probably experienced having an injection at a very young age when you were given childhood inoculations. And while at that age you may not have understood why it was being done you were certainly able to experience how it felt.

Your brain is designed to learn very quickly from experience and that is how many people develop a fear.

Obviously people learn their fear in various different ways and at different times in life however because they are leant behavioral responses they can be changed.

The age range of our patients goes from 6 years old all the way through to people in their late 70's. So what ever your age you don't have to put up with your needle phobia. Give us a call on 0203 086 8444 to find out how we can help you.

What does treatment involve?

We will take a case history and find out how your fear currently effects you. We will then use a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques to both reduce and remove your fear.

We will also build a new more useful response based on how you want to feel in that situation i.e. feeling calmer & more relaxed. Once the fear has been sufficiently reduced or completely removed we will use specific methods to help your unconscious learn your new behavioral response.

Many people already consider the powerful combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP to be a faster and more effective way to cure needle phobias. Additional advantages to our approach are that unlike some other forms of treatment, we DO NOT use exposure therapy nor focus on analyzing the past.

Instead, we use a solution focused approach to quickly remove your fear and put you back in control of how you feel. So you can feel calmer and more relaxed.

Therapeutic Hypnotherapy is different to what you see on TV

Paul Wright

You may have seen Paul McKenna or other people doing stage hypnosis as a form of entertainment on TV, film or stage. However TV and stage hypnotists like to sensationalize things which unfortunately has given many people an inaccurate and often very misleading impression of what hypnosis is and how it actually works.

There are a number of different forms of therapeutic or clinical hypnosis. The Ericksonian and NLP based hypnotherapy we use is designed to put you more in control of how you respond to things and help you rapidly overcome your fear.

Some of the common misconceptions and questions people ask about therapeutic hypnosis are

" Is like a general anesthetic (GA)? " - No it's nothing like a GA because although many people experience a degree of relaxation you are awake and free to talk or move if you want to.

" I am concerned that I will not be in control or may be made to do things. " - No one can force you to do anything against your wishes, beliefs or values. Nor can anyone force you to change against your will, which is why we only ever see people that want to change and ready to overcome the fear. The way we use hypnosis is about giving you more control over how you feel. Which means the external situation no longer determines how you feel, you do.

" Will I have to re-live past traumas? " - No certainly not! We believe going through an unpleasant event once was more than enough and there's no need to go back and relive unpleasant events. The methods we use are designed to stop the fear and help you feel better.

If you are considering treatment for your phobia and have any questions about hypnosis please feel free to contact us or take advantage of a Free* initial consultation to learn more about what phobia treatments may be available to you.

Simply call us on 0203 086 8444 or click here for our contact form.

How long will it take?

Typically in most cases we would expect it to take between 1-3 appointments to overcome a needle phobia. However really extreme cases may require some additional appointments. Give us a call on 0203 086 8444 to arrange your FREE* initial assessment and consultation to find out more.

Why choose PhobiaGone

We treat everyone as an individual and use the approach that is right for you to achieve the best results. We use safe, proven, highly effective methods that simply work. In the majority of cases our clients make significant improvements or overcome the fear in just a couple of appointments.

  • Needle phobias and fears can be cured
  • Putting you back in control
  • Helping you feel calmer and more relaxed
  • Making it easer to have medical or dental treatment
  • Have travel vaccinations so you can go on holiday
  • Consider being able to start a family or take your children for imunisation jabs
  • We have over 14 years experience in successfully helping people overcome needle phobias
  • We do NOT use exposure therapy
  • Licensed hypnotherapists registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register
  • FREE* initial consultation with a therapist to discuss your fear
  • Higher success rate
  • An effective solution focused approach giving you freedom from fear of needles

From our experience we typically find that in many cases needle phobias are usually treatable in 1 or 2 appointments. With many clients either making significant improvements or overcoming the fear completely. In more extreme cases however it may require additional appointments to get the best results. Results may vary.

Feedback from needle phobia treatment patient

An email we received following Cara's initial appointment

"Hi Paul,

Wow what can I say! We have just got back from the dentist with Cara minus 2 Teeth! She was a little nervous which you said she would be, but there were no tears, she coped and worked through it fantastically.

I know that this would not of been possible without your help for which we are very grateful. Thank you for fitting Cara in at such short notice and the kind and thoughtful care taken. You have truly helped her conquer her Needle phobia fear, which would of effected her for the rest of her life.

The dentist in Beaconsfield would like to keep your details on record for any patients they have with a phobia. Please let me know some dates for Cara's follow up appointment and once again thank you so much for all your help.

Many thanks. *

Seamus - Cara's father

* results may vary from person to person

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Simply call us on 0203 086 8444 or click here for our contact form.

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Patient stories



  • My freedom from claustrophobia has finally given me the prospect of being able to travel & to explore new places, I am finally free of the stress, fear & anxiety which had accompanied me for so many years. - Rowena

  • Hi Paul,

    WOW, what can I say! You have truly helped Cara conquer her Needle phobia, which would of effected her for the rest of her life. Many thanks. - Seamus

  • Dear Paul,

    Thank you a thousand times for giving me my life back. The best thing I ever did was pick up that phone & dial your number. Thank you so much. - Jenny

  • Hello Paul,

    Previously it was just an impossible dream due to the fear & panic of what may happen. I lost the fear & now feel total elation. Thank you so much for giving me a new life. - Kim

  • Dear Paul,

    Words can't express how much your help has changed my life. I feel so happy, confident and free now. I look forward to my future. - Bronwyn

  • Hi Paul,

    My friends could not believe how well I coped and I was so thrilled with myself. Thank you so much!!! - Pauline x

  • Hi Paul,

    I came to you on Friday. And I'm sorry I haven't been in contact sooner, I have just been thinking of the right words. I guess what I want to say is Thank You! - Rose

  • Hi Paul,

    I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you. I feel so comfortable in my own skin and I'm excited about the future. Thank you for giving me my life back. - M.L.

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Disclaimer. Results & number of appointments required may vary.

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