Fast & Effective Treatment To Overcome Fear of Wasps

  • Fear of wasps can be cured
  • Giving you freedom from fear
  • Overcome the feeling of anxiety
  • Feel calmer and more relaxed
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  • We can help you overcome fear of wasps

Fear of wasps is a common phobia that can be successfully treated

We know that you are as individual as your finger print. To help you overcome your fear of wasps first we will look at your problem and listen to you. We will then use a range of effective treatments to stop the fear and help you achieve the best possible results.

Many people that come to us for treatment have already tried other forms of therapy that didn't work for them. We do NOT use exposure therapy, instead we use more advanced, safe methods that have a higher success rate & work more effectively.

Our therapists are highly experienced in helping people overcome fear of wasps. To find out more about our services and why our methods are more successful, contact us for a FREE* consultation and discover how we can help you.

What causes fear of wasps?

Fear of wasps is a learnt behavioral response. Your fear may have started in early childhood although it can also develop in teenage years or as an adult. Some people suffer from fear of wasps much more than others, having over the years, developed a 'conditioned response'.

Almost invariably anxiety is one of the major factors that causes & sustains the fear. Thereby producing a ‘loop’ within the neurology that goes "anxiety = fear of wasps = anxiety = fear of wasps", etc. You can get out of the anxiety loop and be free from fear of wasps!.

How will you stop my fear?

A common question that many patients ask us is "How will you stop my fear?"

First we will use a range to techniques to both stop your fear & neutralize the anxiety. Next we will generate a new response based on how you want to behave & feel differently in that situation, putting you back in control of how you feel.

Thirdly we will pattern the new behavioral response to help your unconscious to learn the new behavior quicker. Giving you freedom from fear.

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Common symptoms associated with fear of wasps

  • The thought of a wasp being near fills you with fear
  • Dreading the summer months & wasp season
  • Feeling anxious when you hear a buzzing sound or see a wasp
  • Having to avoid certain situations because of wasps
  • Being on a constant state of alert for wasps
  • Keeping windows closed even in summer to stop wasps coming in

While it's generally considered to be a normal response to not like wasps and feel anxious at the idea of being stung someone with a fear of wasps typically has a much stronger response to wasps.

However there is good news, with effective treatment the majority of people really can make significant improvements or completely overcome fear of wasps. Gives us a call & discover how we can help you.

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More people choose PhobiaGone

  • Fear, phobia & anxiety specialists
  • Over 16 years experience
  • Higher success rates
  • We do NOT use exposure therapy
  • Effective treatments that work
  • Registered with the GHR & GHSC
  • Private & confidential treatment
  • FREE initial consultation at London & Bucks clinics

Disclaimer. Results & number of appointments required may vary.

An effective approach that simply works

There's no need to know how your fear started and it doesn't matter how long you have had it for. Your fear is a learnt unconscious behavioral response and in the vast majority of cases something that can be successfully treated in just a couple of appointments.

Unlike some other therapies we don't go digging around in the past looking for deep hidden meanings and we do NOT use exposure techniques. Instead our approach is solution focused.

We use safe, proven, highly effective methods to help you overcome your fear of wasps quickly & know that people can change because we have already helped many other people experience freedom from fear of wasps.

The benefits of choosing PhobiaGone

Our clients range from everyday day people all the way through to high end business people, celebrities from TV, film and music. Sports people and others in the public eye. Your treatment with us is confidential. Our approach tailored to provide the best results for you.

We have over 16 years experience. Treating a whole range of phobias. Using safe, proven, effective methods that simply work. In the majority of cases our clients make significant improvements or overcome the fear. Typically in just a couple of appointments.

An ever increasing number of our clients recommend us to friends, family and colleagues. You don't have to suffer any more. Let us help you overcome your fear.

  • Fast, effective treatment
  • Helping you overcome your fear sooner
  • Saving you time & money
  • Treatment without exposure therapy
  • A kinder approach that makes it easier for you
  • Licensed hypnotherapists with over 16 years experience
  • Private, confidential one to one treatment
  • Registered with the GHR & GHSC
  • FREE* 30 minute mini appointment to answer your questions
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