Phobia Treatment Case Study - Fear of Driving

Fear of driving cured in one appointment - Dawn's story

Paul Wright

Dawn like many of my clients was referred to me by a friend of hers that had also seen me for help to stop a phobia and Dawn was so impressed by the dramatic change her friend had made she wanted to know who she had been to see for help.

Dawn had a fear of driving that was gradually getting worse and worse. As part of her job as a senior manager Dawn was required to drive to various locations in the South East of England. But due to her growing phobia of driving she either had to get someone else to drive her or have someone else go to the meetings on her behalf.

Dawn's phobia of driving was not only affecting her career it had also become an issue in her private life.

The only way she could drive anywhere herself was with someone she knew driving the car in front of her and someone else she knew driving the car directly behind her too. So this completely defeated the purpose of her driving herself.

Dawn's phobia of driving was also beginning to put a strain on her relationship with her boyfriend.

I spoke to Dawn on the phone and it became obvious to me what was happening to cause Dawn's phobia of driving.

Dawn booked an appointment and came to see me in Buckinghamshire. Just over an hour into th eappointment and much laughter later we went out to meet Dawn's boy friend who was waiting in the car and we went for a little drive with Dawn driving.

Dawn and her boy friend were amazed that even though she had had her phobia of driving fro a number of years she was now calm and relaxed driving.

We did a short drive and even went onto the motorway, Dawn felt so good that she decided that instead of her boy friend driving them home she was going to drive them home.

The next week I received an update, Dawn had driven by herself from Gatwick to Heathrow on a day when there was terrible congestion on the M25 and she was completely calm and relaxed!

She was now able to easily drive by herself anywhere. Not only had her phobia of driving gone other things had also changed as well.

She had spent the last couple of years putting off other things but now since Dawn's phobia of driving has gone she has also become more confident in other areas of her life.

Something that many of our clients say is that "not only has your phobia of driving gone you also find that other areas of your life improve."

From experience we typically find that in the majority of cases driving phobias are treatable in 1 or 2 sessions.

We realise that everyone is different and one of the reasons why we are more successful than some other people is that we are flexible in our approach and have many different methods and techniques available to us.

Everyone is treated as an individual with the treatment you receive from us tailored to suit you, this gives you the best results possible.

* Results may vary from person to person.

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