Phobia Treatment - Fear of Public Speaking Case Study

Fear of public speaking & blushing overcome with just one appointment

Paul Wright

Both fear of public speaking and unwanted blushing responses are anxiety induced problems. And something that we help a large number of people with.

A case in example is John who had a fear of public speaking because of a blushing problem. Which had got so bad that prior to seeing us he had been considering giving up his job.

He decided to come to see us at PhobiaGone and had just one 2 hour appointment. During which he learnt how to stop his anxiety and feel better. Which proved to be life changing. Here is a copy of an email that he sent us 4 months after his treatment.

* Results may vary from person to person.

John's experience in his own words

Hi Paul,

Sorry for delayed response. Been covering 2 contracts this week and have had my hands full at work.

I was going to mention before about the changes in other areas of my life but, as they weren't such a big a deal as the public speaking I didn't bother. But, there were things in the past I used to try to avoid, just because it made me feel uncomfortable. For one, I never used to look people in the eye. I used to glimpse now and then but, if I looked people in the eye my attention would be on the uncomfortable feeling of looking at them and not on what they were saying. LoL. This isn't a problem any more.

2nd thing, I used to avoid using the phone, even to the point my girlfriend always had to ring for takeaways etc. Plus, when I used to answer the phone to sale people etc I'd always get talked into things I didn't really want to purchase, just because I wanted to get off the phone for feeling uneasy. Now this doesn't bother me and I have the assertiveness to decline random sales pitches. The only hindrance now is, I have to order all the takeaways.

However, I've saved the best till last. I think we've all had the experience of bumbling and waffling a load of crap to women. I'm the master at it. Being in one on one situations with women (attractive ones) I used to always struggle for the right things to say. Now, I'm struggling to stay faithful to my fiancee...

As for my boss, she left me to it for a while. I told her after I went to see you I wasn't sure if the therapy had worked. I didn't feel any different. So she didn't make an appearance in the meetings for the 1st week of trying the team briefs. As I said before the 1st team brief was still nerve racking as hell but, I was able to keep things from getting completely out of control. This intrigued me & I just wanted to do another one to improve it. More so out of anger than anything. Because at the time I didn't think I was on the verge of a positive spiral of confidence. I felt I had wasted my time for something that made me feel a little more comfortable. I could of easily gave up at that point. You said it wouldn't be easy, and at that point, one kinda 'ok' performance reinforced by a lifetime's worth of bad experiences I still felt I had a steep mountain to climb. But, in knowing I now had this little control mechanism within, I persevered.

Each team brief just got better & better & better. There were many times where I felt a little blush in my cheeks or a little wobble here and there but, I just focused on winding things back nice a slowly, picturing the ice cool circle in reverse and slowly gathered my composure again. After mastering this, things really started to take off.

Before, the nerves started in my stomach, raced to my face, made me blush, and the fear of people seeing my invulnerability made my legs and hands shake. At that point my heart would be racing and my breathing would shorten & a panic attack would reveal itself in its full glory. Once the cool circle technique started to take hold, my focus wasn't on the manifestation of old neurological responses, it was on controlling them right from the beginning.

Soon I could deliver a brief without any real problems & I started to try incorporate the techniques where I visualised everything/everyone being tiny specs within a tiny picture frame in the distance. In time, this started to make me feel I was on a level with everyone. Soon after, I felt as if I was more. This was the key to me finally becoming myself. I was finally able to put into words what was in my mind without distraction. I was even injecting a little humor here and there.

The first brief I felt I 'nailed' I went and grabbed my boss and told her everything. I told her the fact it was hard at first but, somehow the techniques worked and I just got better & better. She could tell I was beaming with joy. I just couldn't believe I had finally conquered this once and for all. I've been a shy lad all my life & was relieved to have a great weight off my shoulders. We both hugged for about a minute. As we drew back I could see she had a tear in her eye. I did well to hide mine. Being a man n all...

As for the future, I've actually considered taking things to the next step. I don't know how I would go about it but, I've thought about trying to get into TV presenting and stuff like that. Just to push the boundaries a little more. LoL. Whether that's an avenue for the future or not, we'll see. I've still got a lot of physical training to see through first. =)

As for using my email for a testimonial, that's fine by me. I hope it encourages other people to also overcome their fears.

Speak again soon


* Results may vary from person to person.

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