Overcome Anxiety & Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Current estimates are that around 10 million people in the UK suffer with fears & anxiety. But there is good news, because anxiety is a learnt behavior it means that you can also overcome it. Our methods are completely natural & based on how human neurology generates anxiety & how your brain learns & processes information. NLP & hypnotherapy have been proved time & time again to be one of the best & most effective ways to overcome anxiety & GAD.

Some of the most common symptoms of Anxiety

  • Your mind racing out of control & feeling that you can't stop it
  • Thinking you are going crazy with worry
  • Fast, shallow breathing, struggling to breath or shortness of breath
  • A pounding in your chest or a racing heart
  • Chest pain or tightness, possibly even feeling that your chest is going to explode
  • Dizziness or feeling lightheaded, unsteadiness, feeling dizzy or lightheaded
  • Nausea or feeling that you might vomit
  • Stomach upset or diarrhea
  • Trembling, shaking or tremors
  • Feeling hot, flushed & sweaty or possibly cold and clammy

There is good news, anxiety can be stopped successfully

Anxiety disorder is a blanket term covering several different forms of abnormal behaviors, anxiety, fears, phobias and nervous conditions that may come on suddenly or gradually over a period of several years and may impair or prevent the pursuing of normal daily routines.

We all have the ability to feel anxious. Anxiety is normal in stressful situations, and can even be helpful. For example, most people will be anxious when feeling threatened or in a scary situation. And that applies to both a real life situation or a scary situation that you are thinking about.

The burst of adrenaline that's released by the Adrenal Glands and nerve impulses which we have in response to stressful situations produce a 'fight or flight' response which can be considered a normal response.

However anxiety can be considered abnormal if it:

  • Is out of proportion to the stressful situation
  • Persists after a stressful situation or trigger has gone
  • Or when the original trigger for the stress is minor
  • Appears for no apparent reason when there is no stressful situation

Obviously there are more symptoms than those listed above, however if you are experiencing the above symptoms you should also see a doctor to rule out any possible medical causes, like a low blood sugar level which can produce similar symptoms.

GAD - General anxiety disorder

General anxiety disorder (GAD) is an anxiety disorder that is characterized by excessive and uncontrollable worry about everyday things. The frequency, intensity, and duration of the worry are disproportionate to the actual source of worry, and such worry often interferes with daily functioning.

A solution focused approach that works more effectively

Unlike some other therapies we don't go digging around in the past looking for deep hidden meanings and we don't force people to face their fears nor use exposure techniques. Neither is this a miracle cure, instead our approach is practical, proven and direct.

Our methods are based on how your neurology generates experience and learns quickly. Our approach is also solution focused and we will be working with the problem as it manifests in your consciousness.

We use safe, proven, highly effective methods to help you overcome your anxiety quickly. We know that people can change because we have already helped many other people just like you overcome anxiety & GAD.

Please note that our methods are not a replacement for medical treatment and where appropriate you should always seek medical advice first from either your GP or other suitably qualified medical practitioner. Also no one can give you a 100% guarantee of results.

Helping you stop anxiety & putting you back in control of your own life

This is made possible because our methods enable us to produce effective results more quickly saving you time and money. Ultimately what we want is for you to overcome your anxiety & GAD and have freedom in your life.

From our experience we typically find that a large number of our clients are able to either make significant improvements or overcome the anxiety of 1 to 3 sessions. How is your life going to be better after you have overcome the anxiety & GAD?

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Patient stories



  • My freedom from claustrophobia has finally given me the prospect of being able to travel & to explore new places, I am finally free of the stress, fear & anxiety which had accompanied me for so many years. - Rowena

  • Hi Paul,

    WOW, what can I say! You have truly helped Cara conquer her Needle phobia, which would of effected her for the rest of her life. Many thanks. - Seamus

  • Dear Paul,

    Thank you a thousand times for giving me my life back. The best thing I ever did was pick up that phone & dial your number. Thank you so much. - Jenny

  • Hello Paul,

    Previously it was just an impossible dream due to the fear & panic of what may happen. I lost the fear & now feel total elation. Thank you so much for giving me a new life. - Kim

  • Dear Paul,

    Words can't express how much your help has changed my life. I feel so happy, confident and free now. I look forward to my future. - Bronwyn

  • Hi Paul,

    My friends could not believe how well I coped and I was so thrilled with myself. Thank you so much!!! - Pauline x

  • Hi Paul,

    I came to you on Friday. And I'm sorry I haven't been in contact sooner, I have just been thinking of the right words. I guess what I want to say is Thank You! - Rose

  • Hi Paul,

    I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you. I feel so comfortable in my own skin and I'm excited about the future. Thank you for giving me my life back. - M.L.

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